Friday, 12 December 2014

It's time to say goodbye ENG318-03 class mate. (Tallk about HANG OUT)

First of all, my hang out topic is job and career that's why I found this video that is related with our story.

So, i upload my blogs. It is not long please watch it!

My topic of Hang out is  < Job and Career >

First of all, I'm going to talk about comments of hang out. My lovely partner is 다연.

We did Hang out call on Wednesday. In advance  thank you for participants.

Our classmate is junior and senior who think about job and future plan. That's why she and I choose this topic. Although there was some connection problems but, I hope it was really nice time for everyone. I'd like to say about in a broad sense of Job. So, we mentioned meaning of job, some qulifications to get a job and so on. While we discussing about some question i heard other opinion of other students. It was good for me to share their thinking. Before hang out i searched a lot of information but i didn't talk about that. It was regrettable. But, past is just past. so, i'm satisfied with our online show.  

I wnat to say something students who prepare to get a job.

DON'T BE RUSH.  Just keep doing what you do. Find what you love. Think what you love.

It's everything gonna be OKAY. ALL IS WELL!!!


I believe this is the best class i've ever taken. I met good friends and learn variety things that is English.  And, now i know how to use Google program such as hang out, blods and quizlet.

Anyway, i appreciate all things. I enjoyed during this smester. See ya next Friday.

It is our finish class party. Don't for get it.

p.s See ya on Monday Jeff!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

You are more beautiful than you think!

(Dove Real Beauty Sketches)

It is commercial of  Dove. Theses days, all women too much obsession about their figure.

So, they are trying to find their weak point. Therefore, they're losing confidence about themselves.

I hope to find their real beauty through this ad.


Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Women learns to appreciate their beauty

According to Dove, women are known to be the worst beauty critics of themselves. It is said that only 4% women in the world consider themselves beautiful. So Dove decided to prove them wrong and Dove won. In this amazing initiative by Dove to make women feel beautiful, they called many women and called each one separately to an artist who drew their portraits according to their descriptions about themselves. Before this activity, they allowed these women to interact. Then the artist asked them to explain the characteristics of the other woman. The portraits came out be quite ironical. The sketches of a woman which were made on the basis of other women’s explanation turned out to be beautiful, while portraits of women where they described themselves turned out to be brilliant.

Women are usually seen in a constant effort make themselves look more beautiful. They strive a lot with their body to make them look perfect from all angles. Not being able to fit into one’s day is a negative feeling that mostly women induces into their minds since childhood. They gather a little negativism from everywhere-a little from a grumpy aunt next door, a depressing adjective on her looks from her brother after a cat fight, a rude comment from a man who molested her on the road. Although women pretends to forget all of these and move away, she has all of it in her memory. At times, the scars the deep enough to last for a life time. It is only when she pours out her heart, all deepest feelings on her looks that she received through the years comes out.

Here is an amazing initiative that truly make woman love themselves and understand that they are really beautiful.

Sunday, 28 September 2014